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Manual Juice Acrylic Lemon Clip Hand Orange Squeezer

Manual Juice Acrylic Lemon Clip Hand Orange Squeezer

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Effortless and Efficient: Save and store your fresh juice with ease using our acrylic lemon juicer. It's machine washable, ensuring a hassle-free cleaning experience after each use.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for a variety of dishes and beverages including shrimp, salmon, cocktails, tea, vegetables, chicken, beef, and more. Elevate the flavor of your favorite delicacies.

Smooth Squeeze, Modern Design: Crafted with a modern design, this lemon/lime juicer ensures a smooth and clear extraction process. A half lemon slice is all you need to squeeze a quarter or half of lemon juice directly into your dishes.

Freshness Unleashed: Squeeze lemon juice directly from the fruit to enhance your recipes. Bring the freshest taste to your delightful dishes in the most magical way possible.

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